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Song Structure Learning

Learning to sing a song has never been easier by song structure

Various categories: Hot Songs, Singer List, Backing Only (Karaoke version), and Editor's Choice, etc. help you find songs to learn

  • Song Structure Learning: We analyze songs and present to you their structures such as verse, chorus, etc. to help you understand the constitution of a song. Learning by song structure makes you learning to sing a song more quickly and easily. You can also learn to sing only those structures that you are not good at repeatedly
  • Editor's Choice: No idea what to sing? Our editors prepare various kinds of song lists to help you find songs to learn and sing
  • Karaoke version: this category is most suitable for you to check your learning result of singing a song

Learn and Sing

  • Accurate original singer's vocal pitch bars to help you learn to sing a song
  • Your real time vocal pitch animation helps you know your tempo and off-pitch singing
  • Our unique and accurate scoring engine evaluates your singing performance in real time
  • Using YouTube video to help you learn to sing a song
  • Karaoke version of YouTube video helps you verify your learning result

My Songbook

Create your own songbooks. You can quickly pick one of your songbooks that best fits your mood, place, and special days to learn or sing

My Recordings

  • You can upload your recordings to cloud
  • You can download your recordings from cloud
  • You have free 100 recordings of cloud storage

With free cloud storage, you can upload your best singing reordings to keep and compete with other users

Singing Analysis

Our unique and powerful scoring engine can accurately evaluate your singing performance. Our powerful singing analysis function combines line chart of scores by each line of song lyrics and graph of your vocal pitch and original singer's vocal pitch to help you quickly pinpoint your weakness of singing. And then you can practice those lines of song lyrics repeatedly by singing along with YouTube video

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